Specialized in ancient chant and improvisation – helps find your own voice;
teaches voice for creativity, relaxation and meditation.

Workshops, classes and retreats in:

  • The creative power of voice
  • The healing voice
  • Meditative chanting

Creative power of voice:

  • Harmonic improvisation
  • Overtone singing


  • Professional singers as well as enthusiasts
  • Anyone interested in the use of voice and its countless possibilities

Chant retreats:

  • Silence, relaxation, gentle vocal tuning, meditation


Primal Sounds

Tilaa CD

Alkuääniä – Primal Sounds CD
(Listen live sample – tracks 8 and 13)

Relaxing as well as activating, energizing vocal sounds, harmonious vocal improvisation

  1. Viritys (bon)
  2. Rauhoitus (aoum)
  3. Humus (improvisaatio)
  4. Kellumista (a+o kvintti)
  5. 7 vokaalia (uooaaei)
  6. 5 vokaalia (uoaei)
  7. Aqua (improvisaatio)
  8. Voimaääni 1 (bon)
  9. Voimaääni 2 (r)
  10. Voimaääni 3 (vii)
  11. Vulkaani (improvisaatio)
  12. Kirkastus (bon+vii kvartti)
  13. Kvasaarit (improvisaatio)

Duration 49’35
Music by the vocal ensemble Ääni and Pia Skibdahl. Recorded in November 2002 at Vihti´s Chapel.

Primal sounds

Sacred Songs


Pyhiä lauluja – Sacred Songs CD
(Listen live sample – tracks 1 and 5)

“Sacred songs combining musical art, spirituality and therapy.”

  1. O Rubor Sanquinis (Bingen)
  2. Justus Germinavit (trad.)
  3. O Viridissima Virga (Bingen)
  4. Benedictus es Domine (trad.)
  5. Assumpta est Maria (trad.)
  6. O Virga Mediatrix (Bingen)
  7. O Aeterne Deus (Bingen)
  8. O Pastor Animarum (Bingen)
  9. Nunc Gaudeant (Bingen)
  10. O Nobilissima Viriditas (Bingen)

Duration 49’35